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FEF Management Committee Steering Committee
Membership List of the FEF Management Committee (2019-2022)    
  Terms of Reference (Chinese version only)    
Membership Name Organisation
Chairperson Prof Kenneth LEUNG City University of Hong Kong
Fishermen’s association representatives Mr Siu Keung CHEUNG Hong Kong Fishermen Consortium
Mr King Hang CHUI Hong Kong Fishermen’s Youth Association
Hon Steven HO Chun Yin LegCo member of the Agriculture and Fisheries Functional Constituency
Mr Siu Fai KEUNG Hong Kong Fishery Alliance
Mr Hon Wah KWOK Hong Kong Fishermen Small Boat Association
Ms Ka Ling PO -
Mr Sheung Chun YEUNG Hong Kong Fishermen Consortium
Fisheries Expert Dr Patsy WONG -
Relevant stakeholder – Green group representative Ms Angel LAM WWF-Hong Kong
Dr Wing Kwong YAU Environmental Association
Relevant stakeholder – Academics Prof Jonathan WONG Hong Kong Baptist University
AA member Mr Lawrence TSUI Airport Authority