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List of Projects Funded under Fisheries Enhancement Fund


Project Title   Project Description   Applicant Organisation   Funded Amount (HK$)   Status
  Pearl Farming Pilot Project   This is a 3-year pilot project for pearl farming in Hong Kong, aiming at diversifying mariculture activities in Hong Kong. The project is expected to develop expertise in pearl farming and employment opportunities to fishermen affected by the trawl ban.

  Aberdeen Fisherwomen Association   1,477,600   In Progress
  Study on the Current Status of Capture Fisheries Industry in Hong Kong and Strategy towards Sustainable Fisheries Development

  This Study mainly aims to (1) understand the current status of the capture fisheries industry by means of field survey with fishermen and (2) recommend strategy to enhance efficiency and safety based on the survey findings with the ultimate goal of attaining sustainable fisheries development in Hong Kong.   Hong Kong Fishery Alliance   500,000   In Progress
  Installation of Radar Reflector for Fishing Vessels under 15 m   The Project will encourage fishermen to install radar reflectors for small vessels under 15 m to reduce risk of marine collision. The radar reflector to be installed is expected to enhance the marine safety.

  Aberdeen Fisherwomen Association   800,000   In Progress
  Hong Kong Fisheries Festival - Planning and Feasibility Study   This Project aims to study the feasibility of organizing a series of fishermen culture-theme events in Hong Kong, namely the Hong Kong Fisheries Festival. It is expected that such events could increase public understanding of HK fishermen and their culture, heighten awareness on fishermen's contribution in Hong Kong, allow exchange of knowledge and expertise, etc.

  Hong Kong Fishery Alliance   150,000   Completed