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Fisheries Enhancement Fund
Marine Ecology Enhancement Fund
Marine Ecology and Fisheries Enhancement Strategy - Eco-enhancement of Seawall Design
Marine Ecology and Fisheries Enhancement Strategy - Fish Restocking Pilot Test
Fish Restocking Pilot Test - Post-release Monitoring
Coral Transplantation Study
Dolphin Exclusion Zone
Dolphin Exclusion Zone - Closed-circuit Television Monitoring System
Marine Traffic Monitoring - Automatic Identification System
Marine Traffic Monitoring - Marine Traffic Control Centre
Marine Traffic Monitoring - Maritime Surveillance System
Deep Cement Mixing - Preparation Works
Deep Cement Mixing - Primary Silt Curtain
Deep Cement Mixing - Secondary Silt Curtain

Non-dredge Reclamation

Installation of Aviation Fuel Pipelines Sets World Record Using Environmentally Friendly Horizontal Directional Drilling Method
  Construction Dust Control Measures
  Construction Noise Control Measures
  Water Quality Management Measures