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February 2024 Management Organizations
April 2023 Airport Operation related Emissions Control Plan
April 2023 Construction Works Schedule and Location Plans
February 2023 Landscape and Visual Plan
July 2022 Operational Phase Waste Management Plan
May 2022 Marine Travel Routes and Management Plan for Construction and Associated Vessels
March 2022 Procedures for Mitigation of Aircraft Noise
December 2020 Updated EM&A Manual
August 2018 Supplementary Contamination Assessment Plan
April 2018 Silt Curtain Deployment Plan
November 2016 Complaint Management Plan
July 2016 Detailed Plan on Deep Cement Mixing
May 2016 Coral Translocation Plan
April 2016 Marine Mammal Watching Plan
April 2016 Egretry Survey Plan
March 2016 Dolphin Exclusion Zone Plan
March 2016 Marine Park Proposal
March 2016 Marine Ecology Conservation Plan
March 2016 Fisheries Management Plan
December 2015 Spill Response Plan
November 2015 Marine Travel Routes and Management Plan for High Speed Ferries of SkyPier
November 2015 Waste Management Plan