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Third Runway and Associated Works - CEEQUAL “Excellent” Rated Project
Fisheries Enhancement Fund
Marine Ecology Enhancement Fund
Marine Ecology and Fisheries Enhancement Strategy - Eco-enhancement of Seawall Design
Marine Ecology and Fisheries Enhancement Strategy - Fish Restocking Pilot Test
Fish Restocking Pilot Test - Post-release Monitoring
Coral Transplantation Study
Artificial Reef and Shellfish Reef Pilot Studies
Dolphin Exclusion Zone
Dolphin Exclusion Zone - Closed-circuit Television Monitoring System
Marine Traffic Monitoring - Automatic Identification System
Marine Traffic Monitoring - Marine Traffic Control Centre
Marine Traffic Monitoring - Maritime Surveillance System
Deep Cement Mixing - Preparation Works
Deep Cement Mixing - Primary Silt Curtain
Deep Cement Mixing - Secondary Silt Curtain

Non-dredge Reclamation

Installation of Aviation Fuel Pipelines Sets World Record Using Environmentally Friendly Horizontal Directional Drilling Method
  Construction Dust Control Measures
  Construction Noise Control Measures
  Water Quality Management Measures
  Waste Management Measures