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01/12/2023 The Marine Ecology Enhancement Fund is now open for application. For details, please refer to Application Documents.
Deadline of application for Year 2024/25 is 31 January 2024.
11/08/2023 Results of the applications of projects funded by the Marine Ecology Enhancement Fund for Year 2023/24 are released. For details, please refer to Funded Projects.

Background of the Marine Ecology Enhancement Fund

As part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study, Airport Authority (AA) has committed to formulate and implement a Marine Ecology and Fisheries Enhancement Strategy (MEFES). The MEFES has been set up for the purpose of enhancing the marine environment for the benefit of marine ecology (including Chinese White Dolphins (CWDs)) and fisheries resources in the vicinity of the project area, in Hong Kong western waters and further afield into the Pearl River Estuary (PRE). The MEFES also functions to provide support and assistance to affected fishers, and to encourage more sustainable fishing operations.

In accordance with the Environmental Permit (EP) conditions 2.8 and 2.13, AA has established the independent Marine Ecology Enhancement Fund (MEEF) and Fisheries Enhancement Fund (FEF), respectively, to fund initiatives proposed by third‐parties (e.g. Non‐governmental organisations (NGOs), researchers and the fishery sector) that support the objectives of the MEFES. A Marine Ecology Conservation Plan (MECP) was developed and approved by the Director of Environmental Protection on 18 March 2016, which describes the proposed mechanisms for implementing the MEEF, as well as the goals and themes under which funding applications can be made.