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1. General Impact Water Quality Monitoring commenced on 4 August 2016.
2. Water quality monitoring at SR1A commenced on 25 October 2018 with the commissioning of the HKBCF seawater intake. To better reflect the water quality in the immediate vicinity of the intake, the monitoring location of SR1A is shifted closer to the intake starting from 5 January 2019.
3. Station SR2 is a control station during flood tide.
4. For details on Notes 1-3, please refer to the Water Quality Baseline Monitoring Report and the Updated EM&A Manual.
5. Starting from 12 May 2018, IM1, IM2, IM3, IM4, IM5, IM8, IM10, IM11 & IM12 are temporarily shifted to stay away from the enhanced silt curtain.
6. Due to progression of nearby construction activities, the monitoring location for SR8 is shifted to avoid unnecessary disruptions associated with ongoing construction activities starting from 5 January 2019. The monitoring location for SR6 is also shifted to SR6A starting from 8 August 2019.
7. Based on the construction programme with seawall completion, 6 impact stations, namely IM3, IM4, IM5, IM6, IM8 & IM9, were terminated in accordance with Table 5-2 of the Updated EM&A Manual, starting from 25 January 2022. With the removal of enhanced silt curtain, 5 impact monitoring stations namely IM1, IM7, IM10, IM11 & IM12, were relocated back to their original locations and the location for IM2 was slightly adjusted starting from 25 January 2022.
8. Some of the sensitive receiver stations, namely SR5A, SR6A & SR7, are located far away from the works area of Land Formation and are affected by other concurrent projects in the vicinity, these sensitive receivers are no longer representative and therefore were terminated starting from 25 January 2022.
9. With the completion of land formation works in the first quarter of 2023, the General Impact Water Quality Monitoring was terminated after 31 October 2023.