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The Marine Ecology & Fisheries Enhancement Funds (MEFEF) Trustee Limited was formed in mid-2016 to act as trustee for the Marine Ecology Enhancement Fund (MEEF), the Fisheries Enhancement Fund (FEF) and the Top-up Fund (collectively, the “Funds”). The trustee, with the support of the directors on a pro bono basis, oversees the operation of the Funds and manage the Funds’ assets.

The MEEF is managed by a MEEF Management Committee, comprising members from relevant academic(s), green group representative(s), dolphin expert(s), relevant stakeholder(s) and AA member(s), to manage the implementation of the Marine Ecology Conservation Plan (MECP). The MEEF Management Committee will review, recommend and approve applications that meet the fund objectives as well as monitor project outcomes. In addition, a Steering Committee is also established for both MEEF and FEF, to provide overall directional guidance / policies for the fund operation to ensure that sufficient resources remain available for the Funds to meet the objectives in a long-term and sustainable manner.

Membership List of the Steering Committee (2022-2024)

Mr Fred LAM
Airport Authority
Member cum FEF Management Committee Chairperson Member cum MEEF Management Committee Chairperson
Prof Jonathan WONG
Hong Kong Baptist University
Prof Nora TAM
City University of Hong Kong
Other Members
Mr Samuel KWONG
Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (Hong Kong Branch)
Mr Derek LAI
Deloitte China
Ir LEE Ping-kuen
The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (Environmental Division)
Dr Hon Stephen WONG
Hong Kong Professionals and Senior Executives Association

Membership List of the MEEF Management Committee (2022-2025)

Prof Nora TAM
City University of Hong Kong
Green Group Representatives
Dr CHENG Luk-ki
Green Power
Dr Xoni MA
Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong
Ms Lydia PANG
WWF-Hong Kong
Mr Ken SO
The Conservancy Association
Dr Judy WAN
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong
Ms Vriko YU
Dr CHEANG Chi-chiu
The Education University of Hong Kong
Dr CHEUNG Siu-gin
City University of Hong Kong
Dr Apple CHUI
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dr TSANG Ling Ming
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dolphin Expert AA Member
Ms Connie LAI
Eco Institute
Mr Martin PUTNAM
Airport Authority