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Airport Community Liaison Group
Terms of Reference


Formation Background

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) makes substantial contributions to Hong Kong in many ways.  Apart from strengthening Hong Kong’s position as a leading regional and international aviation centre, HKIA drives economic growth, creates job opportunities and supports the city’s pillar industries including financial services, trading and logistics, tourism, and producer and professional services. 

As the operator of the airport, the Airport Authority (AA) is not only committed to contributing to the long-term interests of Hong Kong, but also the betterment of neighbouring communities.  To cope with future growth needs, AA has devised short, medium and long-term development plans. AA strives to proactively engage and seek views of community leaders of the neighbouring communities on HKIA’s further development and to identify ways to contribute to the communities.



AA provides the relevant information of the 3RS Project including the detailed design, the progress of construction and operation and environmental monitoring and audit results to the CLG members:


enhancing transparency and communication with the public, as well as enquiries and complaints handling on all environmental issues related to the 3RS Project; and


promoting community cooperation and participation and implementation of suitable local environmental enhancement works that are included in the relevant Environmental Permit.




The Chairman of the CLG shall be the Executive Director, Airport Operations, or his/her representative. The Vice Chairman shall be the General Manager, Sustainability.


The Secretary of the CLG shall be the staff members of AA.


Other members of CLG shall comprise of community leaders including members of the district councils, Chairmen and Vice Chairmen of the Area Committees, etc. All members shall be invited to join the CLG on an individual basis by AA.




CLG will meet at least twice a year; additional meeting(s) may be requested by the Chairman/ Vice Chairman as and when necessary.


The agenda of each meeting shall be determined by the Chairman/ Vice Chairman. CLG members are encouraged to propose topics for discussion in writing.


Full meeting minutes and follow-up actions, if any, taken by the CLG pursuant to such meeting shall be recorded and kept by the Secretary.


The Chairman/ Vice Chairman may invite any relevant party to attend CLG meetings as and when necessary and appropriate.


The minutes of CLG meetings and all papers and documents shall be made available to the public through a website.



Work and services performed for the CLG by its members shall be on a voluntary basis. No remuneration of any form shall be made to members for their service, attendance at meetings, site visits and/ or participation in activities of the CLG.


Term of Service

Each member shall be appointed to serve the CLG for a term of two years and may be re-appointed. All members shall attend at least one meeting a year.



Members may resign from the CLG of their own accord by giving a notice to the Secretary in writing.



All expenses incurred by the CLG in relation to its operation are to be borne by AA.


Amendments to Terms of Reference

Amendments to the Terms of Reference shall be submitted to the Chairman/ Vice Chairman and members of the Group for review via the Secretary and come into effect upon approval given at the CLG meeting.

Version: Feb 2023

This is the English translation. In the event of any inconsistency between the English translation and the Chinese version, the Chinese version, which has been formally endorsed by members at the meeting, shall prevail.