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List of Projects Funded by the Fisheries Enhancement Fund

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Tai O Fishing Village Tourism Project*

This project is a continuation of the Tai O Fishing Village Tourism Project aims to organise guided tour led by fishermen at Tai O fishing village to introduce the traditional fishermen's fishing tools (e.g. line fishing, gillnets), as well as the production process of fishery by-products (e.g. shrimp paste, salted egg yolk, dried salted fish, etc.) and the iconic stilt houses at Tai O. This could enhance and diversify the fishermen's income source and boost the Tai O economy. The Project aims to allow the public to gain a deep understanding of the conventional fishing methods, fishermen's traditional culture and the urban development process of Hong Kong. Through this Project, fishermen could be trained and transited as tour guides with sustainable income and the younger generation would be attracted to enter the fishing industry.

Cheyu Limited 2,307,800
(For Year

Fishermen Fisheries In-depth Tour Project*

This project is a continuation of the fishermen fisheries in-depth tour project aims to allow the public to experience and understand fish farming and fishing operations, and to increase the public's understanding on the importance of fisheries and marine ecology conservation. The project also aims to facilitate the transition of the fishing industry and to assist the industry to achieve sustainable development.

Aberdeen Fisherwomen Association Limited 2,177,800
(For Year

Pilot Test for GPS and Beidou Dual Satellite Receiver System with Nautical Charts, Fish Finder and Automatic Identification System*

This project is a continuation of the Automatic Identification System pilot test aims to install new GPS and Beidou dual satellite receiver systems devices on small fishing vessels of less than 15 m in length to replace the traditional AIS devices in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the 4-in-1 device on safety and fishing operations compared to the traditional AIS device. The new 4-in-1 system comprises of Cantonese automatic identification AIS, fish finder, GPS and Beidou navigation and nautical chart functions. The two navigation systems can operate in parallel to achieve better positioning and reliability.

HK Fisheries Promotion Co. Ltd. 3,139,300
(For Year

Establishment and Application of Specific Pathogen Free Grouper Fry Culture Techniques in Hong Kong SAR

This project aims to provide Hong Kong fishermen with healthy, specific pathogen-free grouper fry to solve the problem of unstable breeding benefits caused by the uneven quality of Hong Kong grouper cultured fry. The project utilises the technical advantages of the university and cooperates with large-scale nursery grounds from the Mainland, through the demonstration of fertilised egg hatching, fry cultivation method, feed preparation, regular monitoring of pathogens and fry management, to introduce a healthy farming model to the fishermen and provide them with specific pathogen-free and healthy fish fry. The project is expected to provide more than 100,000 quality fish fry which are free of nerve necrosis virus, grouper iridescent virus and Cryptocaryon irritans to fishermen in Hong Kong for free. The project is also expected to establish a specific pathogen-free fish fry breeding method, explain the transmission routes of pathogens to the fishermen through workshops, and share other technical knowledge with the fishermen through lectures and visits. City University of Hong Kong 853,600

Product Development of Nano Pearl Powder with Detoxification and Antioxidant Functions

The project aims to study the protective effects of nano pearl powder on the detoxification of accumulated metallic toxins in the food chain, as well as the antioxidant properties of nano pearl powder extracts. Nano-scale particles exhibit unique structural, chemical, mechanical, magnetic, electrical, and biological properties. Nano-medicine has gained significant attention in recent years as its nanoscale structure can be encapsulated or attached to therapeutic drugs and precisely delivered to target tissues by controlled release. The application of nanotechnology in biological science and disease prevention and treatment will be an emerging field in future development of drugs and health products. The University of Hong Kong 1,242,000 (For Year 23/24)

* 2nd Phase of Project
** Completion Report to be published upon the submission by Applicant Organisation and acceptance of Fisheries Enhancement Fund Management Committee