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List of Projects Funded by the Fisheries Enhancement Fund

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Continuation of Pearl Farming cum Ecotourism Project*

This project is a continuation of the pearl farming and ecotourism project and will continue the pearl farming exercise, explore the business opportunities for local‐grown pearls, build supply chain for source of pearls to manufacturers, and to develop local pearl brand and associated products. This project will organise ecotours and workshops for local citizens and people related to the aquaculture industry to promote pearl farming knowledge and instill environmental awareness.

Aberdeen Fisherwomen Association Limited

(For Year 21/22)

Development of a High-protein Fish Feed enriched with Selenium*

This project aims at collecting discarded pleated sea squirts through the regular cleaning of fouling organisms on fishing nets, to develop a new type of fish feed by waste recycling and support sustainable development. Pleated sea squirt is a reliable source of animal protein and contains high level of selenium; research studies have indicated that selenium contributes to the regulation and enhancement of immune system, as well as antioxidant effects, which will help to minimise the rate of disease infection and mortality in fishes. This project aims to develop a new fish feed formula by examining different aspects, including nutrition assessment, mixing ratio of ingredients and the properties of the fish feed in water. The effects of new fish feed on the appetite, health and meat quality of cultured fish will also be examined. The newly developed fish feed formula would be shared with the industry for free.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 980,000
(For Year 21/22)

Study on the Detoxification Function of Hong Kong Pearl Oyster (Pinctada imbricata) Powder

This project will collaborate with Aberdeen Fisherwomen Association to continue the pearl farming exercise in Hong Kong and utilise the pearl powder produced from the previous FEF funded "Pearl Farming Pilot" project for the study. The nacre of the pearl oyster is a statutory Chinese medicine, which is mainly used for beauty skin care and traditional Chinese medicine. This project will mainly study on the detoxification function of the pearl powder. Through molecular biological analyses to study its detoxification effects on aluminum, lead, mercury and hexacholorbenzene. Ownership of patent on the study results will be shared with local fishermen free of charge to produce oyster pearls locally, and assistance will be provided to fishermen to commercialise the locally produced pearl powder to bring them a new business opportunity. The University of Hong Kong 1,326,160

Pilot Project for the Sustainable Aquaculture of Tropical Sea Cucumbers (Holothuria scabra) in Hong Kong

This is a pilot project for developing a sustainable farming system for the highly valuable tropical sea cucumber, the sandfish Holothuria scabra in Hong Kong. This project aims to diversify livelihood opportunities for the marine aquaculture and fisheries industries in Hong Kong, taking advantage of the high demand that exists for the sandfish in local and international seafood markets. The ultimate goal of this project is to provide knowledge, skills, and training on sustainable, low-cost sea cucumber farming techniques to local fishery communities; to promote employment opportunities; and to strengthen the aquaculture and fisheries industry in Hong Kong. The University of Hong Kong 532,964
(For Year 21/22)

* 2nd Phase of Project
** Completion Report to be published upon the submission by Applicant Organisation and acceptance of Fisheries Enhancement Fund Management Committee