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List of Projects Funded by the Fisheries Enhancement Fund

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Pilot Project for the Sustainable Aquaculture of Tropical Sea Cucumbers (Holothuria scabra) in Hong Kong*

This is a pilot project for developing a sustainable farming system for the highly valuable tropical sea cucumber, the sandfish (Holothuria scabrain) in Hong Kong. This project aims to diversify livelihood opportunities for the marine aquaculture and fishing industries in Hong Kong taking advantage of the high demand that exist for the sandfish in local and international seafood markets. The ultimate goal of this project is to provide knowledge, skills, and training on sustainable, low-cost sea cucumber farming techniques to local fishery communities, promoting employment opportunities and strengthening aquaculture and fishing industry in Hong Kong.

The University of Hong Kong 419,964
(For Year 22/23)

Study on Antioxidant Function of Hong Kong Pearl Oyster (Pinctada imbricata) Powder

This project aims to continue last year’s research on the detoxification function of pearl oyster powder, and collaborate with Aberdeen Fisherwomen Association Limited to commercialise pearl cultivation. In this study, the project team will test the potential antioxidant function of pearl powder using in vitro and in vivo models. The results of the research will directly prove that pearl powder could help to remove toxins from the body and could act as an antioxidant. Scientific evidence will promote the use of pearl powder in the community, increasing the demand for pearl powder production. This will attract companies and investors, and fishermen could start cultivating pearl oysters on a large scale and sell pearl powder in the market.

The University
of Hong Kong


Tai O Fishing Village Tourism Project

This project aims to organise guided tour led by fishermen at Tai O fishing village to introduce the traditional fishermen's fishing tools (e.g. line fishing, gillnets), as well as the production process of fishery by-products (e.g. shrimp paste, salted egg yolk, dried salted fish, etc.) and the iconic stilt houses at Tai O. This could enhance and diversify the fishermen's income source and boost the Tai O economy. The Project aims to allow the public to gain a deep understanding of the conventional fishing methods, fishermen's traditional culture and the urban development process of Hong Kong. Through this Project, fishermen could be trained and transited as tour guides with sustainable income and the younger generation would be attracted to enter the fishing industry. Cheyu Limited 2,687,000
(For Year 22/23)

Fishermen Fisheries In-depth Tour Project

The project aims to allow the public to experience and understand fish farming and fishing operations, and to increase the public's understanding on the importance of fisheries and marine ecology conservation. The project also aims to facilitate the transition of the fishing industry and to assist the industry to achieve sustainable development. Aberdeen Fisherwomen Association Limited 2,515,000
(For Year 22/23)


Pioneer Scheme to Enhance Occupational Safety and Health for
Local Fishermen

This is a pilot scheme to optimise the occupation, safety and health of local fishermen (including boat dwellers, fishermen, fish farmers and young people who are interested in local fisheries). This project will strengthen the training and measures in relation to the occupational safety and health of local fishermen; and will improve occupational efficiency and safety. The major scopes include provision of refresher and training courses for boating licenses for fishing (such as but not limited to captain and engine operator license training courses, practical training on safe navigation of vessels at sea), routine body check for participants to learn their health conditions and to take the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible to ensure the sustainable development of local fisheries. Fisheries and Environmental Research Organization Limited 1,399,200


Pilot Test for GPS and Beidou Dual Satellite Receiver System with Nautical Charts, Fish Finder and Automatic Identification System

This project aims to install automatic identification system (AIS) devices on small fishing vessels of less than 15m in length. Some of the small vessels will install the new GPS and Beidou dual satellite receiver systems devices to replace the traditional AIS devices in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the 4-in-1 device on safety and fishing operations compared to the traditional AIS device. The new 4-in-1 system comprises of Cantonese automatic identification AIS, fish finder, GPS and Beidou navigation and nautical chart functions. The two navigation systems can operate in parallel to achieve better positioning and reliability. HK Fisheries Promotion Co. Ltd. 1,507,750
(For Year 22/23)

* 2nd Phase of Project
** Completion Report to be published upon the submission by Applicant Organisation and acceptance of Fisheries Enhancement Fund Management Committee