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List of Projects Funded by the Fisheries Enhancement Fund

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Project Title
Project Description Applicant Organisation Funded Amount (HK$) Completion Report
Pearl Farming Pilot Project#
This is a multi-year pilot project for pearl farming in Hong Kong, aiming at diversifying mariculture activities in Hong Kong. The project is expected to develop expertise in pearl farming and employment opportunities to fishermen affected by the trawl ban. Aberdeen Fisherwomen Association Limited 1,824,100
(For Year 19/20)
Training of Fishermen for the Development of Mobile Application to Support the Sales of Local Capture Fisheries*
This is a multi-year project, including conducting market research on the conventional seafood sales model and the demand of customers in Hong Kong. With reference to the results of the research, the project will develop a new method in promoting the sales of local capture fisheries by adopting the concept of business-to-customer (B2C) model with the use of a mobile application. The mobile application will provide the first direct platform for the transaction of Hong Kong's locally caught seafood such that the consumers could purchase fresh seafood from the fishermen directly. This could increase competitiveness of the local capture fisheries industry and eventually promote the sustainable development of the Hong Kong fisheries industry. Guangdong Ocean University 271,000
(For Year 19/20)
Study of the Cumulative Impact of Reclamation Works in Hong Kong and Adjacent Waters on the Fisheries Industry*
This is a multi-year project, aiming to investigate the cumulative impact of reclamation works in Hong Kong and adjacent waters on the fisheries industry. The project will review relevant reclamation project documents and records from the Hong Kong and Mainland China government departments, and collate data and maps from the completed or planned reclamation projects to assess the cumulative impact on the fisheries industry. Project findings will be used to establish a long term management framework for sustainable development of the fisheries industry. CrossBorder Environment Concern Association 447,000
(For Year 19/20)
Sustainable Aquaculture Development Project
This project aims to develop accreditation for the farming of bivalve species, demonstrate the relevant farming techniques to local fishermen and evaluate the cost and benefits of bivalve farming in Hong Kong. In addition, the project will introduce the use of renewable energy sources and target to develop a sustainable aquaculture brand for Hong Kong that can be shared with the fisheries industry, thus enhancing the management and culturing standard of the local aquaculture industry. Hong Kong Organic Aquaculture Association 916,400
Sustainable Aquaculture Development Pilot Project - Australian Redclaw Crayfish
This is a pilot project for redclaw crayfish farming in Hong Kong, aiming at increasing diversity of the aquaculture industry in Hong Kong. The project will target to develop expertise in the area of redclaw crayfish farming and promote employment opportunities to young generation for the fisheries industry. Hong Kong Aquaculture Research Limited ## 898,200
Safety Enhancement Plan for the Navigation of Small Fishing Vessels - Automatic Identification System
This project aims at enhancing the safety of working environment of the fisheries industry and raising the safety awareness of individual fishermen by installing automatic identification system (AIS) devices on small fishing vessels of less than 15 m in length. The project targets to reduce accidents and casualties in the industry, as well as to improve safety and productivity. To suit the need of fishermen and to ensure fairness, the project will procure various AIS devices of similar function from different brands to allow comparison. These AIS devices will be distributed to fishermen for trial. After the trial, these fishermen will vote to decide the best AIS model for bulk procurement and distribution to fishermen. Aberdeen Fisherwomen Association Limited 1,159,900
(For Year 19/20)
Pilot Test for Portable Marine Navigation System with Cantonese Narration
This project aims to install the latest version of AIS devices on local fishing vessels to replace the traditional AIS devices for improvement of maritime safety of fishermen. The latest version of AIS device can give out signals in Cantonese for fishermen's easy understanding. This avoids fishing vessels from entering the wrong navigation lanes and thus reduces accidents. The latest version of AIS device can also record navigation track and date, which facilitates the tracking of records and provision of evidence when needed. Moreover, the latest version of AIS device is portable. Fishermen can bring along the AIS devices when getting off the boat, and thus minimises the risk of theft. The project team will distribute the latest version of AIS devices to fishermen via local fishermen's associations to test if portable AIS device with Cantonese narration can improve maritime safety of fishermen and motivate fishermen in using AIS consistently. Hong Kong Fisheries Promotion Co. Ltd. 828,500
(For Year 19/20)

* 2nd Phase of Project
# 3rd Phase of Project
** Completion Report to be published upon the submission by Applicant Organisation and acceptance of Fisheries Enhancement Fund Management Committee
## The applicant organisation has been changed from Hong Kong Agricultural Products Technology Research Limited to Hong Kong Aquaculture Research Limited